Corporate Wellness Services

Integrated Health Check

Doctor led Healthchecks: High Quality, Indepth consultations Maximum Doctor interaction time (30- 35 minutes)

Identifying Health Hazards, Rating Hazards & Identifying exposed workers.

Identifying Health Hazards, Rating Hazards & Identifying exposed workers.

More than just a Healthcheck!

Great care delivered with ease and convenience

Employees get a customized plan to better health

Effective prevention and disease management

Dramatic improvement in organizational Health indicators

Periodic Health Evaluations

Health Risk Assessments

Innovative & comprehensive health check program (pathology, basic radiology & sonography) – On-site

Focus on curative & preventive measures

Electronic Medical Health Records

Health & Wellness Workshops

Health awareness workshops & training programs

Systematic engagement plan to re-energize employees and build team spirit

Create active engagement & foster sense of well-being.

Annual engagement programs to improve health outcomes for members suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc.).

First aid training and certification programs.

24×7 Tele-health

Corporate healthline – unlimited consultations with qualified & well-trained doctors on phone & video.

Effective solution for distributed workforce always on-the-go and at remote locations.

Protocol driven care to ensure consistent high quality, reliability & actionable medical advice.

24×7 Medical Emergency Care

24×7 medical emergency response and management of injuries (including hospitalization and ambulance services).

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