Emergency Help

Arrogyam Health Care provides immidate medical and paramedic services . We have the best medical assistants and paramedics that will helps to provides immidate medical services.

Arrogyam Emergency Services For Medical And Paramedic

Arrogyam offers unique 24x7 Medical Emergency Response cover to all its members.

All that a member needs to do in case of a Medical Emergency, is place a call on our Emergency Helpline.

We offer 24*7 medical and paramedica service , our Doctor rushes to the emergency spot with an Ambulance and a Full Equipped medical kit.

The Doctor first tries to stabilize you on the spot with the help of the available life-saving drugs.

In case hospitalization is required, we taken to you best hospital or nearest hospital depending on the situation.

At the time you become our member, you have to fill-up an ICE form (In case of Emergency Form), which helps us during Medical Emergencies. During an Emergency our emergency care team contacts all the hospitals in the ICE form and other nearby hospitals to ensure that a Hospital bed is ready, should you need one

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