Our Approach

Arrogyam, an organization with experts in the field of occupational medicine. Unlike most medical disciplinarians, Occupational health is our speciality, our profession, our focus.

Rapid Globalization is changing the economic structure and conditions of work place all over the world. These trends set special demand to the provision of Occupational health services in terms of their structure, contents and methods.

In industrial sectors of developing countries like India, Occupational Health Services are not well organized. Occupational Health Services are changing qualitatively and have become more versatile, more difficult to organize and to serve, leading to poor health status of working class population and poor production.

Though ILO, WHO, DGFASLI, several governing authorities and many organizations of workers have been emphasizing the need for occupational health services since several decades, the proportion of workers and work place with access to these services is still very minimal.

In view of all their work place health conditions, Arrogyam is an initiative to provide excellent assistance in designing, development and continuous improvement of Occupational health services. Our goal is to assess your health care needs and assist you in implementing the best Occupational health services in a simplified Steps.

We believe in making it easier for the organization to avail the healthcare facilities. By supporting them in health and safety issues.

We help them to keep their employees healthy and safe so that they can focus on their core business activity.

It is our priority to protect your employee's health, to operate and grow your organization under healthy and risk free environment.